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11 Mar 2016 ... Achieving a win-rate (over a statistically significant sample size) that is better than ... Big blinds per 100 hands (i.e. bb/100) works best because it ... Much Money Can You Make If You Play Online Poker, I stated that a good win ...

Learn How To Avoid The Danger Hands When Playing Poker Some poker hands are dangerous and all confident players must know what to ... For example, 9-8 looks great with a flop of Q-J-10, until someone turns up A-K. How many hands is a "good sample size" - General Poker Is 20K hands a good sample/How to look for leaks 2 December 7th, 2018 9:02 PM Online Poker $.55 NLHE MTT: How to play trash hands pre-flop vs short stack 25 hand sample 4 May 11th, 2018 10:49 AM Variance and Sample Size : poker - reddit

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My current average winrate over all of these stakes is 13bb/100 over 8500ish hands this year. Obv higher at 2nl-10nl (6k hands at these levels)fast 6max. Probably going to structure my goals like this. Level, winrate, sample size 2nl - 8-10bb, 25k hands 5nl - 8-10bb, 25k hands 10nl - 6-10bb, 50k hands 25nl - 3-6bb, 100k hands 50nl - 1-4bb, 100k ... Poker HUD Stat Sample Sizes Explained | BlackRain79 ... You need a huge sample. 1000 hands is really a very rough estimate. But make sure you have at least this many hands on them. CBet Flop - 100 hands I use this stat a lot when determining how I am going to win the hand. I want to know how often (or not so often) that they fire a CBet. 100 hands is usually a good enough sample size here. how many hours is a good sample size in live poker ...

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Variance and Sample Size : poker - reddit Sample size is really frustrating as a new player. You spend 20 hours 1-tabling, and then post your 2k hands to the forums. Everybody says “lol sample size”. You come back a month later with 10k hands. Everybody says “lol sample size". Finally, after you start 2-tabling, you hit 25k hands. And yet people are still telling you to play more

Apr 07, 2010 · is 18,000 hands too small of a sample size of a decent picture of how good/bad you are at a particular 6 max nl cash game? If so, how many hands do you need to get a decent picture? Edit: Current winrate is 7BB/100, im assuming this is unsustainable?

Online Poker Statistics Guide - Poker Copilot Making sure your hand is not good enough to call. 46. Choosing a range with ... What are the advantages of assessing player stack size in number of big blinds remaining? 51 .... For example, limping preflop will increase VPIP but not. PFR. How to Approach full-time PLO grinding? : Pot Limit Omaha : Poker ...

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25NL : How many hands considered a good sample size ... Two Plus Two Poker Forums > No Limit Hold'em Strategy > Micro-Small Stakes Full Ring: 25NL : How many hands considered a good sample size? Win Rates, Sample Sizes and Moving Up. — Red Chip Poker Forum Win Rates, Sample Sizes and Moving Up. ... my winrate is optimal with a good sample size (b) ... 2K Online Poker Hands; Am I Crushing or is it Poker Variance? - Poker In a Box Am I Crushing or is it Poker ... (over a statistically significant sample size) ... you would need to sport a 9 bb/100 win-rate for at least a 200k hand sample.

Poker Hand Rankings Chart. Print out this free poker hand rankings chart – and always know the best winning poker hands. Poker hands are ranked in order from best to worst. When to Move Up in Stakes | Generally speaking, to be really sure that you’re beating the game you’re playing in you need a much larger sample size – 10,000-30,000 hands is considered enough play to gauge how you are really doing in cash games – and 1,000 games for tournament players is a decent sample size. Your Playing Style. Some poker players are nits or rocks.